Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cleanflight Confgurator

Finally got CleanFlight Configurator communicating to PI Zero with CleanFlight.  Basic setup:

  1. Chrome With CleanFlight Configurator
    1. socat to create a pty to TCP socket
    2. socat -d -d pty,raw,echo=0 tcp:
      1. socat will display which port it created, i.e /dev/pty/20 then take this device and use it for the serial port "URL" in cleanflight.
  2. PI Zero
    1. CleanFlight Port
      1. TCP server to accept MSP messages
      2. Pipe the MSP messages into Cleanflight

Gyro information was displayed in the Configurator, need to figure out why compass and accelerometer was not working. 

Also, need to connect I/O processor to Cleanflight to forward RX info and GPS status.

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