Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cleanflight Fork

Finally had time to create a github project for CleanFlight fork.  Over the next few weeks will post changes to allow CleanFlight to compile on Linux . 

There are a couple targets:
  • PC - Allows CleanFlight to run on a PC and connect to a I/O processor
    • Helps in debugging and test with CleanFlight configurator
  • PI Zero
    • Connected a powered USB hub to the PI
      • Connected WIFI dongle
      • Connect I/O processor
  • Orange PI
    • Still working/waiting for some fixes to mainline, but will push forward with the basic camera.
Right now, working on creating a I/O processor board.  This will be a simple perf board wired up by hand.  The reason for doing this, simple and cheap.  The following sensors will be supported
  • GPS
  • Compass
  • PWM In for RC
  • PWM out to motors
  •  USB

The board for the PI Zero will also be a perf board.  But, it will use machine pin headers to keep the profile low.  This board will have just two sensors:

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