Sunday, August 14, 2011

Test tools for embedded Linux and FreeRTOS

Finally getting a chance to start this project off.  How many times have run into issues on testing a embedded Linux or deeply embedded RTOS and have no simple way to test them?

Well, that is the goal of the project:

- Common goals
 - use Lua as the scripting engine.  Allows users to to common code from Linux to Deep embedded RTOS
 - Common event programming framework
- Common small STL, uSTL or STLPort.  
- Simple logging system.
 For embedded Linux:

-  Threading library:
    - basic sockets (IPv4/IPv6)
    - timers
    - using Event type of programming with single thread scripting using events.
    - using epoll
         - eventfd for simple notifier for object updates, ie waitforMultipleObjects
         - timerfd for timers
         - sockets

Deeply embedded RTOS
 - standard USB library client
 - Event library  ie a simple epoll, eventfd, and sockets. Same as Linux API, but on embedded system. 

Oh, well, need to get started on it!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bluetooth and andriod

Completed my first Android App that communicates to a new bar code scanner via blue-tooth.  This little board is made by Cygentron Inc ( The module is powered by a small li-ploy battery so not to drain the battery of the phone.

The module has upgradeable firmware via a small boot loader which is triggered by a simple protocol via blue-tooth.   Also created a windows App using WPF to allow users to configure, test and learn the protocol.

Panda Board

Now that most of my "side" tasks are done, now moving to the FEZ panda board.   Porting eLua and testing SPI, I2C and USB