Sunday, August 14, 2011

Test tools for embedded Linux and FreeRTOS

Finally getting a chance to start this project off.  How many times have run into issues on testing a embedded Linux or deeply embedded RTOS and have no simple way to test them?

Well, that is the goal of the project:

- Common goals
 - use Lua as the scripting engine.  Allows users to to common code from Linux to Deep embedded RTOS
 - Common event programming framework
- Common small STL, uSTL or STLPort.  
- Simple logging system.
 For embedded Linux:

-  Threading library:
    - basic sockets (IPv4/IPv6)
    - timers
    - using Event type of programming with single thread scripting using events.
    - using epoll
         - eventfd for simple notifier for object updates, ie waitforMultipleObjects
         - timerfd for timers
         - sockets

Deeply embedded RTOS
 - standard USB library client
 - Event library  ie a simple epoll, eventfd, and sockets. Same as Linux API, but on embedded system. 

Oh, well, need to get started on it!!!

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