Friday, August 19, 2016

I/O processor status

Completed PWM input decode and sending results via USB.  For the first pass I'm using a HK-T6A transmitter/receiver.

Overall Status:

  • I/O processor:  GD32F103 (red pill board) 
    • Interprocess commuinication via USB complete
      • Receiver PWM decode
      • GPS decode
    • Next is to do PWM for motor control
      • Standard PWM out
      • Support one shot125
      • Need validate USB jitter and performance
        • Out should be less then a 1ms
        • In should be no more then 2ms
  • Cleanflight
    • Update IPC using USB
    • Add socat for CleanFlight Configuration Web Tool
      •  open a TCP/IP port in CleanFlight 
      • use socat on Linux to forward MSP packets.

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