Sunday, May 17, 2015

Using the EMW3162 without the breakout board

If you have bought a EMW3162 without a breakout board here is a break down of accessing the boot loader and WIFI.

A great tool to have is a converter board that allows the EMW3162 to be attached to a breadboard.  It is very helpful to have one, I'm in the the process of trying to bring one to Tindie.  Please post if you would like one.

First accessing the boot loader:

- GND pin 16
- VCC pin 30
Power cycle.  Connect a TTL USB to serial converter (115200, 8N1)
You get the following output:

 |               EMW316x Common Bootloader   (Version 4.0.1_WDG)  |             
+ command ----------------+ function ----_-----------------------+             
| 1:FWUPDATE <-a>    | update the firmware from UART using Ymodem|             
| 2:FWERASE          | erase the current firmware and settings   |             
| 3:BOOT             | excute the current firmware               |             
| 4:REBOOT           | Reboot                                    |             
| ?:HELP             | displays this help                        |             
|                           By William Xu from MXCHIP M2M Team   |             

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