Saturday, December 23, 2017

FreeRTOS trace HW/SW with nw.js application

While working on CleanFlight Linux with a I/O micro-controller for extra peripherals, there is no straight forward way to get performance, trace, and general information about the state of the firmware on the micro-controller.

  • Provide an open source solution to get metrics on the firmware using traceSWO port.
  • Use FreeRTOS trace messages and send them out one of the channels of SWO port
  • Also allow setting ETM tracing
  • Create a GUI (nw.js) and command line tools to parse and show trace data from FreeRTOS
    • GUI will show live line/bar charts of Task performance and I/O
    • python tools to parse/mine data allows custom reports.

I have several GD32F103C8 red boards, use these to decode the SWO and send trace information to nw.js application.

Thoughts? suggestions? 

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