Saturday, October 8, 2016

LinuxFlight github

After several rounds of code porting and trying to keep the code compatible with a micro-controller decided to just move to Linux only port.

The goal is to keep the main Flight-Controller loop reads accelerometer, and gyro, and move the reset of the I/O to read threads.  This way keeps the main loop on time.

Also, the Neo Air is out, so, that will be the FC board with I/O processor.

  • ARM Linux board
    • GPS (Serial)
    • MS5611  (I2C)
    • MPU9250 (SPI)
    • I/O processor (USB)
    • MSP via TCP/IP
    • RX (Need to validate and test serial Ports are able to handle iBUS, or sBUS)
  • I/O processor
    • RX (PWM or Serial)
    • Telemetry
    • PWM out (motor control)
So, go, but making progress.. 

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